Graduate Students with Research Interests

Biomedical Imaging and Signal Processing

1. Jamshid Sourati, Jennifer Dy, Deniz Erdogmus, Ayla Khan, Dana Brooks, “An Accelerated Interactive Image Segmentation with Interface to Seg3D” Advisors: Dana Brooks, Deniz Erdogmus and Jennifer Dy

2. F. Noushin Golabchi, Dana H. Brooks, “A Graphical Modeling Method for Identification of Massive Numbers of Small Objects in Images” Advisors Dana Brooks

3. Jaume Coll Font, Burak Erem, Alain Karma and Dana H. Brooks, “An Inverse Spectral Method to Localize Discordant Alternans Regions on the Heart from Body Surface Measurements” Advisor: Dana Brooks

4. Burak Erem, Jaume Coll Font, Ramon Martinez Orellana, Petr Stovicek, Dana Brooks, “Dynamics in Modeling and Localization of ECG and EEG” Advisor: Dana Brooks

5. Seyhmus Güler, Moritz Dannhauer, Burak Erem, Rob Macleod, Don Tucker, Sergei Turovets, Chelsea Mattson, Deniz Erdogmus and Dana Brooks, “Multi-Electrode Current Optimization for Targeted and Directional tDCS in a Realistic Head Model” Advisors: Deniz Erdogmus and Dana Brooks

6. Vivian Pera, Mark Niedre, Dana Brooks, “Maximum Likelihood Tomographic Reconstruction of Extremely Sparse Solutions in Diffuse Fluorescence Flow Cytometry” Advisors: Mark Niedre and Dana Brooks

7. Mohammed Moghadamfalahi, Ajay Satpute, Murat Akcakaya, Dana Brooks, Jennifer Dy, Deniz Erdogmus, Lisa Feldman Barrett, “Are Affective Responses in fMRI Independent of Previous Affectinducing Stimuli” Advisor: Dana Brooks

8. Marzieh Haghighi, Mohammed Moghadamfalahi, Oliver Wilder,Miriam Zisook, Murat Akcakaya, Jennifer Dy, Deniz Erdogmus, Dana Brooks, Matthew Goodwin, “Automatic Classification of Stereotypical Motor Movements in Autism Spectrum Disorder” Advisor:Deniz Erdogmus

9. Shalini Purwar, “Single Trial Classification of Imagined Hand Movement” Advisor: Deniz Erdogmus

10. Umut Orhan, Mohammad Moghadamfalahi, Marzieh Haghighi, Murat Akcakaya, Deniz Erdogmus, “RSVP Keyboard (TM) : A BCI Typing System with No Requirement of Precise Eye Gaze Control” Advisor: Deniz Erdogmus

11. Asieh Ahani, Umut Orhan, Murat Akcakaya, Deniz Erdogmus, “An Icon-based Brain Computer Interface” Advisor: Deniz Erdogmus

12. Hooman Nezamfar, Shalini Purwar, Deniz Erdogmus, “Use of Visual Evoked or Motor Imagery Induced Potentials for Control and Communication” Advisor: Deniz Erdogmus

Communications and Signal Processing

13. Yun Xu, Elona Erez, Edmund Yeh, “Coding for Deterministic Relay Networks” Advisor: Edmund Yeh

14. Badarch Tuyatsetseg, “On the Study of Traffic Modeling with Lognormal Mixtures for Emergency Response Network” Advisor: Stefano Basagni

15. Rameez Ahmed, “Random Linear Packet Coding for High Speed Underwater Acoustic Communication” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

16. Yashar Aval, “Detection of OFDM Signals in Highly Doppler Distorted Underwater Acoustic Channels” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

17. Homa Eghbali, “Performance of Differential Space-Frequency Block Coded OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communications” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

18. Fatemeh Fazel, “Resource Allocation for Hierarchical Underwater Sensor Networks” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

19. Kivanc Kerse, “Field Recovery by Dictionary Learning Techniques on Random Access Compressed Sensing Networks” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

20. Daniel Parker, “Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

21. Parastoo Qarabaqi, “Small-Scale Characterization of Underwater Acoustic Channels” Advisor: Milica Stojanovic

22. Arsen Zoksimovski, “Underwater RF Communications Using Conduction” Advisors: Milica Stojanovic and Carey Rappaport

23. Osso Vahabzadeh, “Cooperative Communication Using Protograph-Based Low-Density Parity-Check Codes” Advisor: Masoud Salehi

24. Kuo-Lun Huang, “A Scaling Method for Stochastic LDPC Decoding over the Binary Symmetric Channel” Advisor: Masoud Salehi

25. Koorosh Firouzbakht, “On the Performance of Adaptive Packetized Wireless Communication Links Under Jamming” Advisor: Masoud Salehi

Embedded Systems and Algorithms

26. David Kusinsky, “FPGA-Based Hyperspectral Covariance Coprocessor for Size, Weight, and Power Constrained Platforms” Advisor: Miriam Leeser

27. Max Beckett, “Tasks and Conduits: A Task and Data Parallel Framework for GPU Computing” Advisor: Miriam Leeser

28. Xin Fang, “Implementation of High Precision Floating Point Divider and Square Root for FPGA Implementation” Advisor: Miriam Leeser

29. Saoni Mukherjee, “Accelerating 3D CT Reconstruction Using GPUs” Advisor: Miriam Leeser

30. Johathon Pendlum “CRUSH: Cognitive Radio Universal Software Hardware” Advisor: Miriam Leeser

Modeling, Identification, Estimation and Control

31. Binlong Li, “Cross-view Activity Recognition using Hankelets” Advisors: Octavia Camps

32. Fei Xiong, Binlong Li, “Who What Where?" Advisors: Octavia Camps, Mario Sznaier

33. Jose Lopez, “Density Estimation and Novelty Detection Using the Relevance Vector Machine” Advisor: Mario Sznaier

34. Yin Wang, “A Convex Optimization Approach to Worst-Case Optimal Sensor Selection” Advisor: Mario Sznaier

35. Yongfang Cheng, “A Convex Optimization Approach to Model (In)validation of Switched ARX Systems with Unknown Switches” Advisor: Mario Sznaier

36. Ramanathan Subramanian, Romer Rosales, Glenn Fung, Jennifer Dy, “Evaluating Crowdsourcing Participants in the Absence of Ground-Truth” Advisor: Jennifer Dy

37. Pascal Brunet, “Fractional Order Identification of Loudspeakers” Advisor: Bahram Shafai

38. Bei Yan, “Multi-Sensor Networked State Estimation with Delayed and Irregularly-Spaced Observations” Advisor: Hanoch Lev-Ari

39. Anshuman Kunwar, “Estimation of Forces and States” Advisor: Dionisio Bernal