About CDSP

Communications and Digital Signal Processing (CDSP)
Center for Research and Graduate Studies

The Communications and Digital Signal Processing (CDSP) Center at Northeastern University is a hub of research and graduate education in the areas of communications, signal and image processing, information processing, dynamics and control. Founded in 1987, the Center is a research unit based at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. The CDSP Center currently includes 16 full time faculty members, 2 adjunct professors and 1 professor emeritus, from the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and Mathematics. Some 95 research graduate students are affiliated with the CDSP.

The CDSP Center has three principal missions:

Capabilities: Faculty and students of the Center engage in basic and applied research, striving to defining the cutting edge across areas of communications, dynamics and control, estimation, digital signal and image processing, and related computer engineering fields. We have particular strengths in equalization, networks, multiuser coding and compression, adaptive, non-linear, and non-stationary signal processing, biomedical signal processing and medical imaging, pattern recognition, parallel architectures and FPGA implementations for DSP algorithms, wavefield processing and inversion algorithms, array processing in a variety of non-standard environments, perception of sound, auditory modeling, control of electromechanical and fluid dynamic systems, target tracking and non-linear control, vision-based feedback control, data compression and robust, reduced order models of comples, distributed systems. The extensive interactions of CDSP with leading industrial and medical research groups results with an accute awareness of current and future needs in our research areas. As part of our mission we maintain a strong emphasis on the relevance of our work to the true challenges that define our respective ares of investigation.

Description of specific research projects can be found in home pages of individual CDSP faculty.

Industrial Affiliates: Since its inception, the CDSP Center has had an active interest in interaction and collaboration between faculty, students, and industry. Our Industrial Affiliates Program provides administrative services and an advantageous financial framework, aims to facilitate such interactions. Individual aggreements between CDSP and industrial affiliates are customized to the specific needs and interests of all involved. Typical ingredients of industry sponsored research agreements include:

Current rates, including benefits and overhead would typically range between $50,000-60,000 of annual expenses associated with a single Research Assistant, active on NU campus, some faculty support and icidental expenses. The overhead is lower when the RA is based and perfroms research at the company site.

Graduate Education : Approximately 30 graduate courses in the areas of communications, digital signal processing, and control are being offered regularly by the faculty of the Center. MS and PhD degrees in these areas are offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Northeastern University.

CDSP Alumni : One result of the leadership role played by the Center in graduate education is that at least thirteen of our alumni hold teaching positions in academic institutions in the US, Canada, and around the world, including North Carolina State University, Arizona State University, Tufts University, the University of Toronto, Drexel University, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Middle East Technical University and the Hebron Technical College in the West Bank, Palestine. One alumna received a Presidential Faculty Fellow Award, and two other alumni recently received Career Awards from the National Science Foundation. In addition our alumni and alumnae hold positions of technical leadership in many companies, including Analog Devices, BBNT/Verizon, Cabletron, GTE Laboratories, Aware, Inc., Mathworks, Inc., the MITRE Corporation, Natural Microsystems Company, New England Electric, PictureTel, GE Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Quantum Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Raytheon Company, Linear Technology Corporation, Conexant Corporation, TCSI Corporation, US Robotics, the Waters Company and many others.

Facilities: The Center's major computational facility is the Analog Devices CDSP Lab in Northeastern's Egan Engineering and Science Research Building. In addition there are individual research laboratories associated with CDSP doing research on biomedical signal processing, rapid prototyping and auditory perception.

Our web site http://www.cdsp.neu.edu contains more detailed information, including:

We at CDSP are always interested in fostering collaboration with both industry and academia. We encourage anyone interested in our research, our educational program, or our students to contact us by email or by telephone at 617-373-5277 to discuss the possibilities for interaction.